Open Plan Spaces: What’s Great about them?

Open plan is a concept used in architecture and interior design,which is characterized by large open spaces and minimal doors,walls or partitions,and rooms. Many times,it is used with other concepts such as minimalism.

Open floor plans in homes

In a residential setting,open plans refer to two or more common places adjoined to become a much larger space. For instance,the kitchen and dining room are combined or the dining and living rooms do not have partition walls.

Open floor plans allow homeowners to enjoy a free-flowing and shared living space. The house also tends to be more comfortable because there is plenty of air and light. The openness of the floor space also makes the abode look neater,cleaner,and fresher.

Open floor plans in offices

In offices,open plan spaces are used to encourage collaboration and interaction among workers. Experts suggest that such setup helps boost creativity among workers. In addition,open plan workspaces allow people to be more flexible with their work. The absence of partitions and secluded rooms let workers interact with other teams and access other resources easily.

As it promotes increased collaboration and better communication,open plan offices can be used to create a dynamic and open corporate culture. This is something many companies nowadays fail to consider.

Open floor plans and configurations that capitalize on “one united space” is largely applied in many projects today. From homes to offices,open spaces allow people to move freely,share,and have a deeper sense of oneness. Even flexible coworking facilities offering private office space in Hong Kong apply open space concepts to promote collaboration and teamwork among users.

If you are looking to remodel your home or office,consider going for an open plan. This is one step to pull your family or team closer together,removing barriers that may hinder a productive relationship.

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